We are a premium standard provider of CCTV solutions in Nigeria headquartered in Yola. We provide a wealth of solutions, catering for everything surveillance including camera, DVR systems, accessories, installation materials etc. Synonymous to CCTV surveillance, SKYMAX has become a household name for CCTV surveillance solutions in Nigeria.

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As a one stop source for CCTV surveillance solution in Nigeria, with a large technical support network, our company provide CCTV installation and after project support services. We have the capacity to deliver effectively on any kind of surveillance project irrespective of scope or complexity.

With CCTV brands like HIKVISION and SAMSUNG, associated associated agencies within and outside Yola and a network of experienced professional technicians and installers in Yola, we can effectively deliver our services to clients irrespective of location within agreed timelines. This technical capacity makes us a preferred CCTV installation company.

Due to the ever increasing need for intelligent surveillance systems, CCTV surveillance solutions is constantly evolving, and as a leading systems provider and a CCTV installation company, our commitment to providing cutting-edge reliable hi-tech CCTV Cameras, and surveillance is unparalled.

Skymax is known for excellence and top notch service delivery. We provide Solar Power and inverters, CCTV, VoIP, web hosting, smarthomes and IT training. Certfications like CCNA, CISSP, PMP, AWS etc can be written at our world class training centre.